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Jesus is Coming to Boston SOON!



Watch this space.  A Developer from Boston is planning a large Jesus mural at a new development there which is in the planning stage.  The same developer has a billboard in Boston that is available immediately for the face and message of Jesus.  It just so happens that April 28-30 Boston will be host to the largest Satanic Conference which is sold out.    

God is making divine connections and taking that strongholds like Boston back -declaring them Holy ground.  God alone can strip the enemy of its power - throwing him at the feet of the cross destroyed and defeated in Jesus' name.  Amen! 

The domain will host a website with some free resources to help guide new followers on their walk with Christ.


Is Boston a battleground for Good Vs Evil? 


Millions around the world who believe in the Holy Bible,  know it's not the first time that Jesus battled Satan.  Bible readers also have the inside scoop on how the story ends.    As written by the word of God In Matthew 4:1-11 - after being baptized by John, Jesus was led to the desert for 40 days where he was tempted by the devil- and won!   Emerging victorious, Jesus began His ministry.  


The laws of Moses were settled as Jesus defeated death as the final sacrificial lamb of God.  Jesus did not have to fight Satan for anything because Jesus’ death on the cross was His ultimate victory. Colossians 2:15  Many believers of the Bible around the world celebrate Easter as a reminder of the ultimate victory of Christ Jesus, as He rose again 3 days after His death on the cross.  

God sent His son Jesus not to condemn the world, but to offer salvation.  But when God returns, He will sit in judgment of the wicked.  The book of revelation promises that God will reign victorious again as He defeats Satan once and for all. 


HIStory Is True

Dear person reading this,

This is for you. Whether an angel delivered it to you, or you found this message on the’s not an accident.

God loves you and is FOR you.  He misses you and wants your friendship and conversation.  It’s not religion, it’s a deep and intimate RELATIONSHIP that He seeks with you.

Are you struggling to make sense of the world today?

There’s a book with all the answers.  And God sent a guide that will help you understand it.

You know that voice in your head, that tells you when danger is near, or who and what to trust?  That’s God’s Holy Spirit.  He’s a gentle soul who, if invited, will teach you all about God’s Kingdom and His Son Jesus.  

To know God’s son Jesus, is to know peace.

The Holy Bible promises that if you seek Him with all your heart, you WILL find Him.  You are reading this because He has been waiting for you to call out to Him.

It doesn’t matter what you have done or where you have been - good or bad. The past is the past.  YOU (yes, you) are being invited into God’s Kingdom.  All you need to do is say, “yes”.

It’s time.   What do you have to lose? 


Talk to God.

He’s waiting for you.


Take the first step

Here are some totally free resources for you.

Free vetted resources to start your walk with God.

This is just a small sample but some great resources of places you might want to start your journey.  


Check with a church near you.  Most will provide a free bible to you if you cannot afford one.:  


Download the free Youversion Bible app.   This app has loads of free tools.  Having some reading challenges myself I love that I can pick and version and place in the bible to read and it will read the bible aloud to me.  My recommendation for anyone who has never read the bible is to start with the gospels of John, Mark, Matthew and Luke...and then go from there.  I also love their  "verse of the day" 2-5 min daily videos based on scripture.

Download Free Audible Bible


This crowd-sourced TV series is an AMAZING binge-watch!    The acting and production value are SO GOOD.  Not cheesy at all and really high production value.  It is gripping from the first episode to the last.   You can download it for free on your phone or on your TV - just like you would download Netflix.  I have watched it several times myself.  I learn more each time I watch.

The Chosen Free App download


Another great free resource.  Lots of wonderful videos made by great men and women of God.

Download free Hallow Catholic meditation app with messages from people like Mark Walberg and the Chosen stars.

Download Hallow here


Evangelize with a free postcard download and the "Dear person reading this message above.   Places like often have sales where you can get 1000 postcards for under $100.  Leave them at airports, coffee shops, bathrooms mirrors, or any place people gather.  You never know the lives you might save - but God does.

Future Jesus Mural in Boston:

Yes.  Boston is going to get even MORE Jesus.  
How about a 20', 30' or 40' Jesus mural anchoring a new development?  Follow the progress HERE.



Stay connected.  We would love to see more Jesus in places where ungodly behavior seems to reign - Chicago, New York, Portland, Los Angles, and more.  We are open to supplying free digital files or doing a crowd-sourced campaign to bring God back to these lost cities.

Send a message HERE

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