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Born Again Original Oil

Born Again Original Oil

SKU : OA00014

Original Christian Art 

“Born Again”

Price: $5500


MEDIUM: Oil on canvas

SIZE:  24”W x 24”H





Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”





A popular Christian belief is that all children are innocent and received into the kingdom of God.  But that as adults we must make a willing choice to receive Christs free gift of salvation through baptism.  Christians call this being “born again” in The Spirit of Christ.  November 2021 my brother was baptized at Vineyard Church of Dupage, along with Leslie, Jim…and then Frank (an impromptu baptism).  At church that day God gave me simple visions for each, which were confirmed by my strange vision for Frank.  Mike - The Roaring Lion of Judah ready to defend God’s kingdom.  Leslie - Had a big red heart (The heart of Jesus) wider than her shoulders beating in front of her.  And Jim - a white dove (The Holy Spirit) was bursting from the back of his head.  And then Frank…a dark black cloud sounded him for several feet with a sense of evil….but then a thin while shield of protection.  It was confirmed by him and others that he had previously made a pact with the devil.   I did not know this and did not know Frank.  The white dove was described in the bible as present when Lord Jesus was Baptized by John.  As Jesus bursts from the water in this painting, you can see the Spirit of the Lord within Him.  When you made that public declaration repenting for your sin, and acknowledging Jesus Christs sacrifice and suffering with His free gift - You are now a brand new person “Born Again” in the Spirit of the Lord.  You are a child of the most high God, Lord of Lord, King of Kings.  A part of Jesus’s Baptism Series.

Zach Williams has a powerful song about being “born again” called “Survivor”.

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