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My Fortress Original Painting

My Fortress Original Painting

SKU : OA0001

Original Christian Art 

"My Fortress"

Chapel Of The Holy Cross - Sedona AZ

Price: $2995


MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

SIZE:  48”W x 24”H





God is my refuge and my fortress.  Under his wings I will find shelter.  PSALMS 91:





The Chapel of The Holy Cross promises “peace to all who enter”.  The chapel is a magnificent piece of artwork on it’s own.  On a visit to Sedona in December 2020 I was literally brought to tears when entering and kneeling before the most beautiful bronze alter one can imagine.  This Catholic chapel is a very special place.  It is a beacon to visitors everywhere, that majestically makes itself at home in the red rocks of Sedona Arizona -  visually stunning and perfectly balanced.  Marguerite Brunswig Staude built the Chapel not only as a monument to faith, “but a spiritual fortress so charged with God, that it spurs man’s spirit god-ward”.  Her hope was that “a renewed Church may come to life in the souls of men and be a living reality”.  She prayed that “this chapel spread these same truths a thousand fold… that men could find Christ through art.”   This painting honors her vision in living color.  When looking closely you see Jesus standing on a peak near the Chapel looking over the colorful red rocks. A part of the Red Rock Series.


An original signed acrylic modern Christian art painting, signed by Julia Rose. Includes documented certificate of authenticity. Also the artist signs the back with bible verse.

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