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Guided By Grace Original Oil Painting

Guided By Grace Original Oil Painting

SKU: OA0008

Original Christian Art 

“Guided By Grace”

Price: $3950


MEDIUM: Oil on canvas

SIZE:  36”W x 24”H






“God will teach you all things.”

JOHN 14:26 NIV




Many paintings show the serious side of Christ, but this painting of Jesus surfing barefoot while guiding a young boy shows our Lord’s playful and helpful side.  This modern Christian painting imagines the  joyous playful nature of Christ Jesus- as He gently guides us through all our life experiences - especially the children.  God loves to teach us and fellowship with us.  When Jesus walked on earth as son of man, he was in human form and thus limited in His ministry to those he could reach.  When he departed earth to be with our Father, He said He would not leave us but that the helper-comforter would always be with us, and that if he didn’t leave the helper (who is omnipotent) could not come. Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit while I paint has been the greatest joy of my life.  As you go about the business of “life”, I encourage you to feel the gentle guidance of His Holy Spirit in your life.  I will be doing a series of paintings of Jesus encouraging children and adults in various situations.  This painting is of a young boy surfing, as barefoot Jesus guides him on a wave.

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