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christian jesus painting in storm

Frequently Asked Questions

Beliver Christian Art, original paintings, and reprint FAQ's:




Q:  What determines the cost of prints?

A:  Not everyone can afford original art, therefore, we offer re-print options.  There are many factors that influence the price of fine art reprints. 


The printer/fabricator sets most of the pricing, the website company who takes a cut, the credit card payment/security company, agent-publisher, and of course the artist.  So there are a lot of people talking a slice of the pie. What’s good, is that ultimately, a purchase from Believer Christian Art supports many industries and workers right here in the USA.

Anther factor worthy of understanding is the quality you are getting.  For example, while you can buy “canvas prints” in many places, there can be a massive different between them.  For instance, a Chinese imported canvas printed on an HP Latex printer that will likely fade or yellow on your wall vs. a fine art print such as we offer made on an archival, 100-year rated canvas printed with 100-year rated inks.   Our quality and fulfillment vendors are held to a very high standard.


Q:  Do you offer framed options?

A:  At this time we only offer framing via our third party for the Open Edition collections.  We can provide quotes for custom framing of original art and limited editions by request if you CONTACT US.


Q: Why are there two shopping cart icons on the website?

A:  This was the best solution we had for now to provide various levels of price points of the Christian We use a different process and printer for the open editions than the Limited Editions.  The original artwork requires special care, and signed limited editions also offer personalized dedication, and require a hand touch.  So basically it’s an imperfect logistical solution for now.  Thanks for understanding.



Q:  Why should I register on your site? 

A:  The first benefit of registering on our site is the ability to see your orders and their progress.  When you check out as a guest, you must rely on emails for updates.  Probably the greatest reason to register is to receive emails with special offers with as much as 25% off on products.  You would also become aware of events in our galleries and new products that you might be interested in.  Many of our offerings require coupon codes that you would not be aware of if you are not receiving our newsletters.


Q:  I used PayPal to place my order, but it looks like the payment status is still pending.  What do I need to do?

A:  There are a couple of reasons that a PayPal order does not complete.  The most common is when a user uses an email to register on our site that is different from the email that is registered in PayPal.  If this is the case, you can add the new email to your PayPal account.  PayPal allows up to 7 emails.  Once the email has been updated, the order will usually show that it has been paid for.  A second reason that the order does not go through is that the billing address on our site does not match the billing address on the PayPal account.  This might also include the billing name if you were recently married and your name has changed.  If you are having trouble with a "Pending" payment on our website, please call and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.


Q:  How can I keep up with your new artwork and exhibits?

A:  I would love for you to be the first to know about any new work, shows, and events! An easy way to stay in the loop is by signing up for my newsletter! In the box just below this, enter your email address, tell me you're not a 'robot', and click join.  You can also follow me on my social media pages as I often post about new work!

Q:  Can I get a custom size printed to fit a space?

A:  Yes.  However, we recommend that you use a proportion calculator such as this to assure the image is not cropped.  If you choose an image size that is not proportional to the original the image will be cropped at the discretion of the printer.  Keep in mind custom-sized orders are not returnable or refundable.

Q:  What does “Limited Edition mean?

A:  These are the sizes that the artist has chosen as ideal for that image, and have limited the production of that artwork to a particular number of reprints.  When all of those images are sold, no more will be produced in that size, making them more valuable.  Limited additions also come hand-signed, number, and personalized (on request), by the artist.  In addition, a limited edition comes with a documented COA (Certificate of authenticity).  Open editions use the same high-quality paper and ink for printing, but come directly from the printer without any personal touch from the artist before shipping.

Q: What is giclée printing?

A: Giclée is the highest quality digital printing process for creating archival fine art prints.  Giclée prints render accurate deep, saturated colors and have an exceptional quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. The term giclée is meant to be applied only to archival digital prints made with fine art paper or canvas.  The term "giclee" (pronounced "ZHEE-CLAY") is a French word meaning "to spray." Giclee prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto archival fine-art substrates.

Q: What's the best way to store giclée prints?

A: The giclée printing process is environmentally safe since the inks are water-based and the paper is archival and acid-free. Thus, a giclée must be treated as fine art and placed away from direct sunlight, even though we use long-life archival UV-safe pigmented inks.

Q: What does archival quality mean?

A: Archival means long lasting – if displayed or stored correctly your giclée print has a lifespan of over 80 years. This is why so many museums and galleries choose giclée for their reproductions. Unlike lithographs and serigraphs, giclee prints have undergone extensive third party fade testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, giclee prints made with archival pigmented inks are estimated to last over 80 years without noticeable fading. All of our testing information comes from independent testing labs and from the manufacturers of the materials we use.

Shipping and Returns


Shipping Policy


Shopping for fine art at Believers Christian Art is 100% safe and guaranteed! We only ship artwork that is in excellent condition, free from folds, tears, creases, wrinkles, smudges, and other imperfections that could diminish the value of your fine art. All items are professionally packed and insured through UPS or the United States Postal Service. If you are dissatisfied with your order, you may contact us immediately and we will promptly resolve the situation to the best of our ability.  All prints come rolled in a tube.



A:  We do our best to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner.   All orders are custom made, and limited editions require personally handling by the artist, thus generally requiring more time.  If you have a rush order we will do our best to meet your request.


Shipping Charges and packaging:



Originals require special packing and shipping, and in most cases will come pre-stretched and unframed (framing adds a lot to the shipping fees).  One we receive your order we will confirm shipping fees.  You will only be charged for the actual shipping and materials.


Limited Editions (paper & canvas):

While there is an option to pre-stretch the canvas prior to sending, this is not recommended as it will add significant cost to the shipping.  The unstretched canvas art can then be taken to a local framer for stretching.  If you are in the Chicago area, pre-stretching and pick up at our printer in Elmhurst IL may be a great option, CONTACT US to arrange this.  Unless otherwise quoted, Limited editions on paper and canvas reprints will come unframed and unstretched, rolled and in a tube for a flat fee of $15.


Open Editions:

Open editions are printed by an offsite printer and are not handled directly by the artist.  The shipping for Open Editions (and other merchandise such as coffee mugs) is calculated by the third party at check out.  This helps to explain why there are two cart icons on the website, as payment is processed & shipping coordination is done from two locals.

Q:  How long does shipping take?

A:  Orders are all custom.  Processing at the printer takes 3-7 days, plus shipping.  Due to the hands-on personal nature of Limited Editions, they do take more time to process. 



If your order has a time sensitivity that requires expedited shipping, please Contact Us so that we can confirm our ability to meet your time requirements.

A shipping time requested as "2-Day Priority Mail" refers to the shipping time once the item has shipped and does not include any assembly window.


Shipping questions after you received your order:

If you have already received your order but still have a question on the shipping charges, please Contact Us and we will investigate to resolve your issue. At times, especially with international shipments or shipments to Alaska or Hawaii, the actual shipping charge can be more than the quote received from the shipping calculator. If we find that the actual shipping charge is higher than the quote, we will call to make sure that you are aware of and agree to any higher charge before we ship to you. In such an instance, you may decide to cancel your order. If you do, any fees previously collected in regard to such an order will be returned promptly. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.



Q:  Can I choose to pick up my order and save money on shipping?

A:  Yes, if you are in the Chicagoland area, you can pick up your artwork in Elmhurst IL.  You will be given instructions after placing an order.  When you want to pick up an item at our printer in Elmhurst IL, be sure to uncheck the "Ship to the same address" checkbox on the billing page.  You will then be able to select "Pickup" in the shipping section.  If you forget, the option will not be available.



Q:  Do you ship Christian art internationally?

A:  Yes.  To place an order for shipment of original art and limited editions outside of the United States, please use the contact us form or call 1-773-800-2828 and we will do our best to accommodate and quote for shipping.

Taxes on International Orders:

Some countries will charge import taxes on your shipment (Canada, England, etc...). Such taxes are not calculated in your order and we do not cover them if or when they are incurred. Please be aware of the taxes your country may charge and anticipate them.




A;  We only accept refunds-returns on damaged goods.  If there is a damaged shipment, a damaged frame or print, or there's a part of your order missing...please see the instructions below.   If, however, you get the item you ordered, and there is nothing wrong with it, but you just “changed “your mind” then I'm afraid there is no option for return, as this was a custom created and produced print, which incurred cost to create for you.  Please understand, this is not similar to a Walmart purchase…it's a custom art print JUST FOR YOU.

Q:  What is the return process for damaged items?

A:  If your order is delivered to you with obvious damage, please do not open the package. You may refuse the package and have the carrier return the package to sender. Please call 773-800-2828 within 24 hours to let us know so we can arrange a replacement shipment, which is dependent upon item availability.

If damage to your order is discovered after the package has been opened, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt. You may call us or fill out our “Contact Us” form and type "Damaged Order" in the Subject.


To return an item you must call us at 773-800-2828 or send us an e-mail to receive a Return Authorization Number. Return shipments will not be accepted if you do not have a Return Authorization Number. A returned item must be included in the original packaging it was shipped and with all accessories included. If it is not returned with the original packaging then the return is subject to a 20% restocking fee. Be sure to specify the reason for the return, and what action you would like us to take: free replacement (if applicable) or refund.

You are responsible for all return freight and insurance on returns and responsible for any damage in transit for the return. We strongly suggest that you pay insurance on items being returned and that you use a traceable delivery method, such as UPS or Federal Express. Any freight claims for damage on return shipping will be the customer’s responsibility.

Refunds will be processed as a credit to the credit card used at the time of purchase or in the form of a check drawn from U.S. funds for all other methods of payment. No refunds will be provided in the form of cash or in any other currency besides U.S. funds. All refund checks will be mailed to the "Bill To" address used when the order was placed.

Q: What if I want to cancel an order?
A:  If for some reason you place an order and suddenly decide to cancel before your order has been processed at the printer, we will cancel your transaction at no cost to you. This also applies if an item is out of stock or backordered.

If your order has already been processed and prepared for shipment, but not yet shipped we can refund for a 50% fee deducted from the cancellation refund. 


Please use the contact us form and put “Cancel order” in the subject.  If it is still possible we will possible cancel your order.

contemporary christian art of Jesus looking over valley at sunset
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