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Christian artist Julia rose of Believer Christian Art


"Along with the Holy Spirit, I create art to glorify God and inspire others to do the same."

Christian Television Network Interview



Art is my ministry and the medium by which I use the gifts I was blessed with to impact God’s Kingdom for His glory. 


Art is a way of bringing faith to life.  The purpose of this artwork is to spread love, joy, and knowledge of Christ Jesus.   Faith is such a personal thing.  I pour mine out onto canvas, and as I do I’m humbled to realize just how much our God sacrificed for our benefit.   It all begins with God.  I believe He is the Creator of all. That He is unlimited, unchanging, and that He needs for nothing. And yet in needing nothing, He chooses US.  Finding God is not something we initiate; it is Someone we respond to. Though we were unaware, He loved us first.

Each relationship with God is personal.  The bible promises, that when we seek Him with all of our heart, we will find Him.  With paint as the medium, I try to illustrate Christs' presence in our personal joys and struggles.   While no human knows the face of God, my intent is that people connect with His Spirit through this art.  With each painting, I share my heart- to honor His.  My intent is to share the most heartfelt illustrations of our Lord’s love on this side of eternity.


I love my country and I love the Lord Jesus.   I was recently saved, and I trust in the Lord to guide me in my life and art.  Truly, with every brushstroke, I invite the Holy Spirit to guide my hand so that I bring honor and glory to Jesus. 


We each have things to share with each other.  The bible suggests that the greatest of the commandments is to love the Lord God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.    


As a baby Christian who has just discovered the awesomeness of our God, I felt strongly compelled to share that love.  My faith is brought to life through the living color of the art I create in collaboration with the Spirit of God who guides me each day.  To take credit for these creations feels odd when I know they weren’t created by me alone.  I’m often in worship or being ministered to by the Holy Spirit for 12+ hours a day.  I’m truly humbled to be a vessel anointed to express God’s glory with living color on canvas.  


My deepest desire is that through this art, people are inspired into a worship experience where their relationship with our Savior becomes even more intimate and personal to them.


I’m humbled and honored to share this “He-art work” with you.  Wherever you are in your journey with God, I welcome you to explore the work the Spirit of The Lord has done through me.   With great joy and pleasure, I paint to honor God and cast colorful nets to “fish” for willing souls to join His mighty Kingdom.  If you’ve already given your life to Christ, or feel inspired to do so - welcome home, dear brother or sister.  I invite you to join in spreading the Good News with me.  


I’ll be sharing much more of my personal testimony and artwork in the coming days.  Please consider staying connected if this resonates with you.  


With Gratitude, Love & Blessings,



earth-to-God christian wall art john rich
every-knee-will-bow lion and lamb religious wall art


I was born to a blonde hair blue-eyed mother who was living in a convent and on her way to becoming a Catholic nun prior to meeting, and then marrying my Cuban immigrant father (exiled pre-Castro).  


I was baptized as an infant at the iconic Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago.  But, since my parents, who I fondly nicknamed “Lucy and Desi”, divorced when I was only eight years old, I was taken out of the church very young. Now 57, my entire life I searched for something that I didn’t know how to find.  I often muttered that “I believe in God”…I just didn’t know how to define what that meant.   Simply put, I just didn’t know, what I didn’t know.  God was always present in my life…He knew me, I just didn’t know Him as I do now.  I’d explored dozens of churches in my 50+ years, but nothing resonated. 


I was the youngest and only girl in a family of four kids.  We grew up in the overwhelmingly Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie Illinois.  I jokingly self-identified as an “honorary Jew”.     


Even as a very young child, I dreamt of being a cartoonist or artist.  My favorite grade school class was art, and my favorite teacher was Mrs. Bruce- my art teacher.  


At the age of 8 years old I won my first art contest sponsored by Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors.  It entitled me to a free ice cream cone every day for at least a year.  This was a huge treat, as money was a scarcity in my childhood home.  


I forged my birth certificate at age 14 so I could work at Burger King.  But before that, I would ring my neighbors' doorbells and peddle my cartoon drawings starting at about the age of 8-10.


I wanted to create, but having grown up in near poverty, I feared being a “starving artist”.  So instead of boldly embracing my true passion, I went the route of advertising and communications in college.  My heart ached with envy when I saw my friends in graphic design working on their creations.  


Graduating a semester early in December 1985, my first job was for Mcdonald's marketing agency and paid $14,000 annually - not exactly crushing it.  During that post-college time, I created and sold several pieces of artwork for friends and family.  Painting was always my “happy place”, but I still wasn’t brave or confident enough to go for it and paint full time.


After divorcing my first husband with an 18-month-old baby girl, I launched a 10-year career as a muralist and faux finisher.   I was getting closer to my dream.  I was creating, but still only painting privately.  I was still too afraid to pursue my path.  


I developed health issues from all the fumes and airbrushed paint particles.  This set me on a path of natural healing, but it meant I had to quit that career.  


From there, I established a 501-C3 charity whose mission was to “spread the spirit of global gratitude and kindness”.  To save money, I built the 50+ page website for that charity myself.  This launched my 10-year freelance website design business.  I was able to use my creativity both visually and with words to help many other businesses- but it still wasn’t painting.  I am self-taught at web design and Adobe graphics tools.  Although I never lost my yearning to paint, overall website design was a great experience - until Covid.  As the world changed in 2020, so did I.  


My own websites organic traffic provided an abundance of work, but I stopped web design to try to “save the world” with a germicidal UV light company that had patented technology and a solution to kill all pathogens without being harmful to humans.  Given my perception of the gravity of its potential impact on the world, I hardly slept, ate, or took care of myself.  I’ve NEVER worked harder in my life - and sadly never earned less.  I had agreed to deferred payment while they secured funding.  They did not honor our agreement and they did not pay me.  That hurt my heart to be taken advantage of in that way.  As silly as it may sound, I was traumatized and in shock.  It actually felt like a physical rape.  Being taken advantage of like that when I had given so much knocked me off my game.  I didn’t even want to answer my business phone.  In fact, I cringed every time it rang.  Eventually, it stopped ringing.


After three failed marriages, and observing a world that seemed to have gone mad.  I began to search.  I didn’t want to spend one more precious moment on the wrong path.  Suddenly, the most important thing to me was a desire to know Jesus.  While I was baptized as a newborn, that choice was not my own.  I wanted to give my life to Christ. 


While the experience with that UV light company truly hurt my heart deeply, I can say that today, I thank the gentlemen leading that company.  What they did was wrong.  But had it not been for that experience, who knows when I would have gotten the bravery to finally pursue what I know now God has been calling me to do.    Painting in the name of the Lord is a true honor and blessing.


I needed a redirect so that I could open the path to doing what God inspired me to do.  God provided that redirect.  


Jesus told his disciples before his death on the cross - that he had to depart and be with Our Father.  But that they should be glad and that he would not leave them alone.  He told them if He didn’t leave the Helper - The Holy Spirit - would not come.  In a small but similar way, I feel that I had to leave the safety of my web design business - that so that I could finally start painting and pursuing the path God intended for me.


Saved in January of 2021, now run hard towards the Lord as I play catch up and absorb myself in the word.  My hands and eyes are busy painting for 10+ hours 6-7 days a week - while learning the Word.  I alternate daily between listening to the Word read to me on a bible app, my worship music playlist, or bible-based books on tape.  This has been such an INCREDIBLE time in my life.  With my paintbrushes in hand, I look forward each day to beginning with prayer as I invite The Lord’s Holy Spirit to fellowship together.   While we paint, He also teaches me about the word.  I have many funny stories about lessons learned this past year.


When people ask what inspired me to get baptized again, I say, “The devil made me do it”.  I will expand here later, but essentially, my eyes were opened to a lot of wickedness during the 2020 lockdown.  I was personally being attacked both online and in person by people who openly worship satan.  What?!  Yes, I never imagined I would ever say such a thing - nor did I really understand that people like that exist outside of Hollywood movies.  But they do.


Finding myself at Vineyard Church of Dupage, the day of my baptism and experience since is a story I would like to share more details of.  For now, I will share that it is one of the greatest blessings of my life.  The church itself is very small, but oh so mighty.  It is a precious place with authentic heartfelt believers.  I absolutely LOVE and adore the church and my church family there.  If you are in Illinois, or especially in the Wheaton area, please stop by at 10 am on Sunday.  I promise you will be glad you did.  You will be so welcomed, not just by the wonderful warm church family there, but also by The Holy Spirit, who regularly fellowships with us.

Jesus art and john the baptist baptism gift


The plan I have when I pick up a paintbrush is often changed by His greater plan.  My painting style in the past was very loose and colorful - strong colors and suggestive brushstrokes (think Leroy Neiman style).  

Sometimes I paint and it comes out that way, but I am always open to the gentle and helpful guidance of the precious Holy Spirit.  He knows far more than I do, and I trust Him to use me as a vessel to communicate Jesus’s love via artwork to whoever it’s intended to reach.  


I paint while in worship - and as I do, deep love and faith in Christ Jesus is played out on a canvas.   As I step back from a painting, I realize just how personal our faith really is, and just how much God has gifted us all.  I am almost in a worship trance while painting.   When I pause, I often laugh with joy and say to myself, “who just painted that”?


My greatest desire is to be a warrior and “fisherman” for Jesus.  I catch, He Cleans (MARK 1:17)


If my art has moved you in any way towards seeking Christ, it will be such a blessing for me and others to hear your story.  Please feel encouraged to use the contact page to send me an email.  You might even want to share your testimony to inspire a piece of artwork.  Whatever your walk with Jesus has looked like, I warmly welcome you to share your journey of what He has done for you.

Jesus-Baptism modern christian art
biblical paintings called alpha-and-bettas of Jesus walking on water with 12 fish below


The signature is simply “Julia”- with the “J” making a cross.  The bible only calls people by their first names.   With that as a guide, I imagine that when God writes our names in His book of life, He does the same.   


Besides, someone like me has had too many last names.  :)  He knows me, and I know Him.  


“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:  And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

JOHN 10:27-28 KJV 


What a blessing it’s been painting while being ministered to by The Holy Spirit.   He is guiding me to know and understand the Bible and all that our Savior Jesus Christ has done for us. 


Jesus Christ, With the gentle guidance of the precious Holy Spirit, I honor and praise the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.  To call the works, “my art”, truly doesn’t feel right.  I’m not alone in creating.  My heart is literally bursting with joy both from and for Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and God The Father. 


God has promised that what He does for one, He can do for any who choose to follow Jesus and seek him with all their heart.  So whatever your dream is, I encourage you to follow it in His name.  If the desire on your heart came Him, it will be fulfilled.  

Jesus painting of His baptism with reflection of a dove in water
christian wall art of Jesus at sunset
biblical paintings of Jesus face modern art


The past two years have been tough for most of us.  I’m no acceptation.  In fact, it was pretty brutal from a financial perspective.  I focused my energy on things I believed might help impact this distressed world we live in.  Some of the happenings really crushed my heart, as I was taken advantage of from a business perspective.  It hurt.  But it also brings to mind the story in the bible of when Joesph’s brothers begged forgiveness for how they treated him when they sold him out of jealousy into slavery.  Joesph had suffered greatly before coming into a position of power- he told them what they had done needed to happen so that his destiny could be fulfilled.   It was God’s will…not theirs.  I also believe it was God’s will that I leave my career as a freelance web designer, and finally, step out of my comfort zone and pursue my passion for painting while using the gifts God gave me to honor Him.  


Not long ago, in worship one Sunday at Vineyard Church, I asked the Lord to bless my painting…and He answered back immediately, “I already have”.  He then showed me my painting all over that little white chapel, where I was baptized.   And so my very first art exhibit was there on Monday, April 11th, 2022.


I know our God is not a liar, so with faith.  I feel so blessed to be a modern Christian artist painting Jesus.


If you are inspired to purchase my original art or reprints of any of the Christian art I help to create, please know that I do not take that for granted.  I welcome the blessing that provides and have promised our God to be a good steward of all that He provides for me.  


The materials and quality are the best I could find.  My most sincere hope is that it provides an abundance of love, comfort, and joy to you, and your home, for generations to come.


Written by my brother in Christ Peter David Lamb (yes, that really is his name).  This is a prayer that I only midified slightly.   I find daily prayer is foundational to starting your day right...much more powerful than a cup of coffee (which I do not drink).  Please feel free to make it your own (as I have) in your daily walk and worship practice.


Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit....thank you for this day and thank you for loving me so much! Thank you for your gift of grace and righteousness in my life. Please help me trust you with all my heart and not to rely on my own understanding.  I am going to trust you to keep me absolutely! Help me to completely surrender to you and your will! My life is yours! 


Thank you for guiding my paths!  Help me to walk and live in the spirit today and to die of my flesh. Deliver me from self!  Father I am helpless without you!  Please help me to give all glory to you Father.  Please work in me every moment and teach me all things as you said you would.  Please help me to know you more!  I seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth and love.  Please help me to want for nothing except you!  Please take charge of my heart and fill it with your word and reveal your truth to me so that you may change my heart my thoughts and my desires to be yours.  Please help me live of and for your kingdom and not of this world. And please help me be the person you created me to be in every way. Please baptize me with the Spirit of love so I can love others as you did.  So that I may love you more!!! 


Please keep me from saying something that is unloving.  Please Holy Spirit speak through me the gospel of Jesus Christ so I will help make disciples as you commanded of me.

Lord I pray that my presence in the lives of those who know me and my moments with all those you bring into my life reflect your grace, righteousness, truth and love so that they may see you in me and draw closer to you.


And please let the Spirit of love fill the hearts of all your children!

“I thank you God for saving me through your son Jesus Christ my Lord and savior” and in His mighty and blessed name I pray that Your will be done in my life And on earth as it is in heaven.


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