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Close To His Heart Original Painting

Close To His Heart Original Painting

SKU: OA0006

Original Christian Art 

“Close To His Heart”

Price: $


MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

SIZE:  24”W x 24”H






“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”





“Close to his heart”, is about finding love - first with the Lord, and then with a partner of His choosing.  This is an illustration of the love story of a brother and sister in Christ from Vineyard Church of DuPage.  I asked Tommy and Mari Anne (both in their 50’s), how they met.  Tommy told his story first.  Tommy was from Norway and Mari Anne was a Chicago style Italian American when their friendship began while in a youth ministry program.  When Tommy asked God for a wife, The Lord showed him a vision of Jesus holding a baby lamb close to his heart.   Tommy explained, “I knew my wife would hold Jesus close to her heart”.  Mari Annes story is more hilarious, but I will share that at another time.  This painting illustrates their love story and the love Jesus has for all of us.  The baby lamb is wrapped loving in a red heart shaped blanket, which has a small tear in it.  This represents how Jesus became the lamb of God and shed his blood to forgive our sins.  The tear is where his heart was pierced.  The innocent lamb is held closely to Jesus’s heart.

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